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Preperation and Planning  

The best chefs starts with the

freshest ingredients.

There’s a particular type of snap and crunch that you get when you bend perfectly fresh runner beans. There’s the satisfying way an ultra-sharp knife glides through vine-ripened tomatoes when you slice into them. There’s the plump appearance and sweet perfume of ripened berries, ready to be transformed into a rich and indulgent dessert. There’s the pleasure of rubbing your thumb across the smooth clear skin of an apple only to find it doesn’t wrinkle. And the healthy sheen and yellow underbelly of a ripe watermelon speaks of warm summer nights and tastes of heaven.

How satisfying it is when you’re filleting a fish and the tender flesh lifts away from the bone in one swift motion. Or when you take inspiration for a new recipe from the smooth round head and tender juicy leaves of a cabbage, or the bright, shiny red-to-mahogany skins of cherries at their freshest.

The taste of hand-dived scallops so tender you can eat them raw, in wafer-thin slices with just a squeeze of citrus, is something you won’t forget in a hurry. And one of the greatest indulgences has to be sitting down with a whole cooked artichoke, plucking off the leaves and dipping them in melted butter while anticipating the uncovering of the tender heart.



Working with the freshest ingredients is what allows you to make the most memorable dishes. This is exactly what you get from our Neue Kollektion fridges. You can fill your PerfektFit ™ fridge-freezer and ProFresh cooler with delicious homemade delights you can enjoy at any time. The dishes will stay succulent and bursting with fresh flavours. The choice of when you tuck into them is totally up to you.


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