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The Next Black

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Talking about The Next Black

In May, we released our film focused on the designers, innovators and leaders that are shaping the future of clothing. By investigating the changes to come, AEG looks today at the needs of tomorrow. Sign up to the Facebook page to join in the conversation about the film.

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A sustainable future

Patagonia is leading the way in sustainable practices and incentivising recycling in the clothing industry. Rick Ridgeway, Vice-President of Environmental Initiatives and outdoors adventurer, tells us more about corporate and individual responsibility.   

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AEG - The Future of Clothing - Rick Ridgeway

AEG - Why the Next Black

A film about the future of clothing

New technologies, sustainability concerns and innovative minds are transforming our clothes. In the Next Black documentary film, you meet the designers, innovators and leaders that are shaping the future of what we will be wearing. This is not a film about what’s new, it’s about what’s next.

Why the Next Black

Tomorrow’s sportswear

adidas’ latest innovation takes performance tracking to the next level by introducing cutting-edge technology directly into the fabric of sportswear. World-renowned professional sports teams are currently trialing this new way to monitor players in real time and adapt tactics and training sessions as they go using MiCoach Team Elite.

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AEG - Future of Clothing Adidas

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