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Advanced technology combined with style and award-winning design.



The AEG laundry range are designed to give you the perfect wash and drying results every time, with a host of advanced features and wash programme to suit every need.



The AEG laundry range of fully integrated appliances combines sophisticated styling with latest technology and high quality finish.

Grey flowing fabric
A new level of laundry care

Keep your most loved clothes looking and feeling new for longer with an AEG washing machine. 

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Rippling blue fabric
Wash and dry in one machine

Save time, save space and enjoy outstanding clothes care. As good as two separate machines, you can wash and dry even delicates in no time. 

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Don't settle for less than soft

Dare to tumble dry and keep all your fabrics strokably soft and smooth. Even your delicates like silk and wool are safe to tumble dry with AEG.

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