TAKE THE CHALLENGE - Just follow the three steps


Measure this pure mernio wool against the card then simply soak it in water.


Place the wool in your current dryer and run a drying cycle.


Take it out of your dryer re-measure it against the card to see if it has shrunk.

Jasmine's care label challenge

Jasmine took the challenge 

Jasmine, a mother of 2 children, works part time and decided to carry out the tumble dryer challenge. She ran it to see how her existing tumble dryer measured up. She then ran the same test with an AEG AbsoluteCare® tumble dryer. Watch videos to see the results!

Time To Switch to AbsoluteCare®

If the fabric shows signs of shrinking, snagging or felting or changes in shape, it maybe time to start thinking about switching to an AEG AbsoluteCare® tumble dryer.

All backed up by a AbsoluteCare® 60 day money back guarantee

Experience AbsoluteCare® in your home with a 60 day money back guarantee

T88595IS - AbsoluteCare® Tumble Dryer - RRP £799 

The unique AbsoluteCare® System adjusts the drum rotation speed or direction as well as temperatures to tailor the drying process to different types of fabrics, allowing tumble drying of even very delicate items.
HeatPump technology allows your clothes to be dried at a lower temperature, ensuring safe and gentle drying with lower energy consumption.

No shrinkage, guaranteed

Dry your most delicate wool in confidence with our Woolmark accredited dryers. Woolmark are the world's leading authority on wool. They've tested our machines and found them to safely dry even hand wash only wool. Unlike other dryers, our machines lay wool flat against the drum, just like flat drying. This prevents shrinkage, guaranteeing the best possible care for your wool.