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Tumble dryers Reviews

Tailored drying for absolute care


To get the best drying, your tumble dryer needs to understand that no two fabrics have the same needs. Each cycle has to be different. In the unique AbsoluteCare® System, each fabric gets their own intelligent drum movements and tailored temperatures. This bespoke drying is the key to getting the ultimate care for your clothes.

Never over-dry

Whatever the size of your load, OptiSense always ensures the best possible results for your clothes. Smart sensors automatically adjust the cycle length to your load. So smaller loads mean shorter cycles. This guarantees the quickest drying time possible, while still treating your clothes to the gentle care they deserve.

Refresh, renew, revitalise

Revitalise and refresh your clothes in just 15 minutes with our ProSteam technology. The gentle steam cycle de-creases fabrics and absorbs odours. This keeps garments looking and feeling their best between washes. It even reduces the need for ironing. So your most delicate clothes come out fresh, smooth and looking their best when you need them