AEG Fairy

Get Sparkling Clean Dishes with AEG and Fairy Platinum 

AEG & P&G have teamed up in order to help you get your dishes as clean as possible. 

Claim and additional £20 cashback when you purchase an eligible AEG dishwasher. 


Together with Fairy, AEG want to give you the best possible start with your new appliance. 

When you purchase an eligible AEG dishwasher, you can claim up to £100 cashback. As a Supersavvyme reader, you qualify for an extra £20 cashback on top too. 

Use the code FAIR2019 to redeem this offer until 10th November.

Eligible Product List

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Sparkling Results. Together.

AEG Dishwashers with SprayZone technology have three times better cleaning performance than standard programmes in other AEG Dishwashers. 

Powerful water pressure targets stubborn stains which is perfect when washing large casserole dishes with tough stains. 

With AEG and Fairy Platinum tablets, you’ll spend less time soaking and scrubbing dirty pans and more time with those who really matter.