Review and Win

Review & Win

Did you know that your product reviews help us innovate? By sharing your feedback, you help us push the limits of technology and design. So if you leave a review, we’ll enter you into a prize draw for one of our most popular blenders. There'll be a new winner every week. 

The prize

The AEG Sport Mini Mixer Food Blender

Super food on the move 

This prize helps you enjoy a healthy, refreshing boost wherever you are. The Sport Mini Mixer blender effortlessly creates the best, most nutritious smoothies, so you can re-energise whenever you need it. All your ingredients are blended straight into the portable bottle. Lightweight and able to hold 600ml, it's the perfect way to take your delicious blended beverages with you. 

Simple, delicious soups

And not just gazpacho. The bottle is heat resistant so you can create a whole variety of warming soups.

How to leave a review 

It's easy to leave a review. Just follow these two steps and you could be welcoming this incredible blender to your kitchen soon. 

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