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Washing Machine Reviews

Steam Function

Refresh and deodorise your clothes quickly, and reduce wear and tear caused by overwashing with our built in steam function, ideal for once worn items. Alternatively, use a steam programme to reduce creasing and cut down your ironing time.

Wool Programme

You may have been told "no" to washing wool. But Woolmark, the world's leading authority on wool, disagree. They've tested our machines and found them to be gentle enough to wash your woollens. So when you see the Woolmark Apparel Care label, even your favourite hand wash only wool jumper is safe to wash.


OptiSense cares for your clothes by adjusting your machine's consumption of energy, water and time based on your load. This guarantees you the most efficient wash possible. So you automatically only use the energy you need, and your clothes are never overwashed. It's no wonder all our washing machines are rated at least A+++ for energy efficiency.

Every Fibre Protected

Our ÖKOMix technology* gets the best out of your detergent and fabric softener. Unlike other machines, it pre-mixes detergent and softener with water outside the drum. And when this solution reaches your clothes it's distributed evenly across every fibre. This gives the same performance as a 40 degrees wash at a gentler 30 degrees. So your clothes feel cleaner, more protected and noticeably softer. And it's as gentle on your garments as it is on the environment. 

*ÖKOMix technology only applies to model L89499FL