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In addition to your standard cooker functions, SteamBake adds steam while baking. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to improve the rising and to create a golden colour and tasty crust.


SteamBake. The secret to better baking

SteamBake lets you achieve bakery-style results in your own home. Humidity allows dough to rise fully, creating soft insides with rich, crispy crusts. And try it for amazing roasted chicken or flaky fish.

Multilevel Cooking. Cook more at the same time

With Multilevel Cooking, the additional heating ring ensures your dishes are perfectly cooked even when loaded with two trays at the same time.

Expect spotless with a self-cleaning oven

The Catalytic Cleaning feature prevents dirt and grease from building up in the oven. This self-cleaning technology automatically activates when the temperature reaches 250C and removes cooking residue. No scrubbing, just a spotless oven.

The Timer means you never overcook

To assure that your dishes are never overcooked, this oven boasts an electronic Timer that switches the heat off when the set time has been reached.

The Radiant Hob. Fast and efficient

The Radiant Hob is fast and easy-to-clean with ceramic zones that heat quickly and accurately for fuss-free cooking.



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