AEG - Electric cooker - CCS6741ACM

An adaptable, quick-to-clean, ceramic hob

With its multi-cookware zone, designed for a wide range of pots and pans, this ceramic hob is up to every task – and the durable glass surface wipes clean in an instant.

A self-cleaning cooker means spotless, every time

The Catalytic Cleaning feature prevents dirt and grease from building up in the freestanding cooker's oven. This self-cleaning technology automatically activates when the temperature reaches 250°C and removes cooking residue. Meaning no scrubbing, just spotless.

Full control when loading and unloading

With this Cooker, you're going to cook large dishes. As a result, you'll need even more control when loading and unloading the shelves. That's why the shelves in this oven are supported by telescopic runners. They allow you to pull out the shelves smoothly and efficiently, and position your dish with precision.

An at-a-glance overview of the status of your dish

The timer display provides an at-a-glance overview of the status of your dish. Its clear screen enables you to set an alarm, check directly on the time remaining before your dish is ready and to adjust the timer with accuracy and precision.

AEG - Electric cooker - CCS6741ACM

Perfectly bake even the largest batches

The XL Baking Tray is larger than standard-sized baking trays, enabling you to turn out larger batches of sweet treats, with the satisfaction that every single one has been perfectly baked.

Tech specification

Key specification
  • Dimensions: 894-912x600x600
  • Voltage: 240
  • Total electricity loading, W: 12100
  • Required Fuse: 30
  • Cavity size: 73
  • Volume usable, l: 39
  • Largest Surface area: 1330
  • Heat activated catalytic cleaning: Catalytic coatings to the top, back and sides of the oven absorb the grease from cooking and with regular heating to 220°C the grease residue is burned away.
  • Auto-stop anti-tip chrome shelves: Enables baking shelves and wire shelves to be pulled out fully, gliding out effortlessly with a smooth rolling action.
  • Hob features:
  • Ceramic Hob
  • Residual heat indicators: Residual heat indicators visually indicate when residual heat is left on the hob surface for that added reassurance.
  • Top oven features include:
  • Main oven features include:
  • Conventional cooking: Heat from the top and bottom elements provides traditional cooking for the professional cook. Ideal for baking bread and cakes.
  • Dual circuit variable grill: Uses the inner and outer part of the gril element, to provide full width even grilling.
  • Grill
  • Cooling fan: The fan draws in cool air and mixes it with warm air from the oven to ventilate the ISOFRONT glazed door. This ensures that both the oven and surrounding furniture stay cool.
  • Isofront® plus triple glazed door: Isofront® plus triple glazed door. Multi-layered glass panes, with heat reflective coating to keep the heat in the oven.
  • Main oven energy class: A
  • Top oven energy class: A: On a scale from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). 'A' rating, the highest grade achievable in Europe. The rating system was introduced by the European Union and is designed to offer consumers a standardised method of choosing the most energy efficient appliances.
  • Cavity size: 73
  • Volume usable, l: 39
  • Largest Surface area: 1330
  • Cleaning: Catalytic
  • Right front - Power/Diameter: 1200W/145mm
  • Right rear - Power/Diameter: 1800W/180mm
  • Dial: 1000/2200W/140/210mm
  • Rear - Power/Diameter: 1200W/145mm
  • Required Fuse: 30
  • Colour: Stainless steel
  • Gas replacement: No
  • Gas replacement: No
  • Total electricity loading, W: 12100
  • Energy class: A
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Energy consumption, conventional mode, kWh per cycle: 0.95
  • Energy consumption, hot air, kWh/cycle: 0.82
  • Energy consumption per EU standard cycle: 0.75
  • Energy consumption, fan forced, kWh/cycle: 0
  • PNC: 948 904 188
  • Dimensions: 894-912x600x600
  • Voltage: 240
  • Cleaning Bottom Oven: Catalytic
  • Power Management: No
  • Tray types included: 1 Dripping pan black enamel
  • Type of Trays - Bottom Oven: No
  • Grids: 2 Flat shelf chromed wirework
  • Grids type - Bottom Oven: 1 Flat shelf chromed wirework, 1 Grill pan grid chromed wirework
  • Runners: Grid Runners with Stop
  • Runners - Bottom Oven: Grid Runners with Stop
  • Gas supply: natural gas: No
  • Information for professionals about non-destructive disassembly according to Regulation EU 66/2014


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Great cooker for the amateur chef

by Joss on 02 October 2019

Cooking has been central to my life. I probably should have done it professionally, but I have been a happy amateur. Every week I bake bread, make fresh mayonnaise, and cook every meal from scratch. This is less time consuming than people think, but a good cooker is vital. My previous cooker in my old house had a gas hob and a multi-functional oven, and I loved it. But this village doesn't have gas and the all-electric version of my old cooker had a boring oven. This AEG was the best I could find to fulfil my needs, and since nearly all my pans are induction-ready (most are these days), induction was my choice. Starting with the ovens, the top oven/grill is a conventional oven that heats up fast and is surprisingly spacious. The grill pan supplied is huge! But that suits me as I grill a lot. The main oven comes with additional runners which I have clipped into a low position. I use the conventional setting for baking and this is the ideal position. Again, lots of space as this has thinner sidewalls than the old cooker we had here. So far I have used the oven on conventional (top and bottom heat), I have used the thermal grill (the bottom grill plus the fan oven for grilling thick joints) and the steam bake setting. This last worked surprisingly well. 150ml water in the well in the bottom of the oven, turn to the steam bake setting, and 180 degrees C. It heated up in 10 minutes and I cooked a fine, large loaf with my favourite Matthews Cotswold Flour to perfection in 40 minutes. Very pleased. The induction hob is taking a bit of getting used to. It doesn't boil a full pan of water as fast as the hype might suggest, even with the P power setting enabled, but it heats up fast enough. It turns off quickly which is very important, like with gas. I have an Italian Moka coffee pot which will not work with induction (it is aluminium), but I bought a special steel plate to sit it on and that works fine. The plate heats up on the hob and heats the Moka. There are a couple of downsides which prevented me from giving 5 stars. The oven cooling fan stays on for a considerable time after the oven is turned off. I think this is because the cooker is well insulated, which is a good thing, but it is noisier than my last cooker. Unlike my old gas cooker, this oven does not have removable linings, especially above the grill. Although it has catalytic linings and should stay clean, above the grill always silts up. A slide-out baffle that can be washed can save a lot of heartaches. But easily removable linings seem unique to pro cookers and one domestic make, sadly. All manufacturers should fit them as standard as it would improve longevity. Some of the controls for the hob (the power buttons and hob element timer) are built into the hob glass itself, and it is easy to trigger these when wiping up spills (essential as spills can make the hob turn off). The supplied manual is terrible! It is appallingly designed and confusing. A few years back I bought a stand mixer. It came with a glossy book with not just instructions (with photos) but recipes too. This is an expensive cooker - it should come with something like that. But overall, the cooker is solidly made and to a high standard. The doors shut firmly and all the trim is high quality. It is not a cheap cooker, but it is a well made, premium item that is understandably popular. I am very pleased with this AEG cooker for the price and plan to have a lot of fun with it in the coming years.

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Cooks food nicely

by Kacey on 11 December 2018

The best bit is the food cooks evenly and food doesn’t dry out and crisp up like my old one. My husband absolutely hates the steam that pours out of the left hand air vent, so be prepared to keep wiping this down. We may have to put something on the floor to stop moisture problems. Another dislike are the oven shelves are not flat - they have a lip on them so this makes it difficult to take out trays. I attempted to call customer service regarding a question I had and was on the phone for nearly an hour and the assistant wasn’t very helpful when I got through so their CS could certainly be improved.

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AEG - Electric cooker - CCB6740ACM
Ceramic Cooker
  • Add steam for crispier baking
  • An adaptable, quick-to-clean, ceramic hob
  • Intelligent technology that makes cleaning more efficient
  • An at-a-glance overview of the status of your dish


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