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The 5000 ColdSense Fridge Freezer rapidly returns to the correct temperature after door opening and closing, thanks to precise electronic sensors. This helps prevent temperature shocks and food spoilage for total food protection.


ColdSense protects food by quickly restoring the temperature

ColdSense uses precise temperature sensors to rapidly return the Fridge Freezer to the right temperature after door opening and closing. This helps prevent temperature shocks and food spoilage for total food protection.

LowFrost makes defrosting easier, and needed less frequently

Efficient Fridge Freezer with advanced Low Frost technology which makes the work of defrosting easier and less often needed by using hidden cooling circuits that minimize frost build up.

Peace Of Mind Included

AEG produce quality home appliances that are built to last, all our appliances come with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty as standard to protect against manufacturing faults and defects that occur during this warranty period. See the terms and conditions for your manufacturer's warranty.

Internal Electronic Control. For cooling precision

The Internal Electronic Control feature gives you full command of the storage conditions of your food. The LED indicators show you the temperature setting clearly for convenient adjustment and control.

Optimised humidity for food preservation

The fridge controls and optimises humididty to create the perfect conditions for preserving your ingredients. It helps prevent excess dryness in food while preventing excess condensation throughout the fridge.


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