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MultiChill 0°C offers multiple temperature zones to protect food quality with precision. The convertible drawer can be set from -3 to+5 degrees depending on whether you need it for cold cuts & cheese, chilling drinks, or frozen items.


AEG - Side by Side Fridge Freezer - RXB659E6NU

Customised food storage with adaptable MultiChill 0°C drawer.

Configure your fridge with a place for cold cuts & cheese, to chill drinks or an extra space for frozen items. Set the MultiChill 0°C drawer's temperature between -3°C and 5°C for optimal food storage.

With the MultiChill 0° drawer, you can set the optimal temperature for your ingredients, from -3°C to 5°C. Preserve the ideal flavour and texture of your food.

AEG - Side by Side Fridge Freezer - RXB659E6NU

FreshZone drawer with advanced humidity control

Eat healthier by adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet. The adjustable humidity level in the FreshZone drawer creates the perfect environment for storing fresh produce, helping to preserve taste, texture, and colour.

AEG - Side by Side Fridge Freezer - RXB659E6NU

Stable temperatures, with MultiFlow

MultiFlow protects the quality of food by maintaining stable temperature and humidity in the whole fridge. Multiple air channels enable an active circulation of cold air reaching every corner.

AEG - Side by Side Fridge Freezer - RXB659E6NU

Fine-tune settings with Touch Electronic Control

Take complete command of every fridge function with Touch Electronic Control. The panel and LED display offer effortless access to temperature and general settings. Fine-tune everything with precision for superior food storage.


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