Find the refrigerator for you with AEG. With our smart CustomFlex® modular storage system, fridges can be customised to your liking as drawers and trays can be easily rearranged for optimal storing space. Our range of refrigerators means there's one for every kitchen space - whether it's a small fridge, double fridge or something larger, flexibility can be yours.

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Customise it how you like it

Let your refrigerator be as flexible as you need it to be - every ingredient has its own place in the CustomFlex® fridge. You can tailor the unique storage system just as you prefer, with drawers and trays that are easily rearranged for optimal storage space and easy access. 

Refrigerator with CustomFlex®

  • Unique storage system, tailor it how you prefer
  • FreshZone compartment - it’s cooler than the rest of the refrigerator, perfect for storing fish and meat
Cooling 360° Fridge

Cooling 360° Fridge

Our 7000 Series refrigerators use Cooling 360 to preserve the texture of your ingredients. All-around air circulation flows cold air into every corner of your refrigerator through efficient air vents. Innovative real stainless-steel back restores temperatures quickly after every open door. Reduce food waste and keep your produce mouthwatering. 

Series 7000

Series 7000

  • Every corner thoroughly chilled with Cooling 360°
  • DesignLine: Elegant design, which compliments any kitchen, thanks to the fully flat door and premium authentic materials.
  • Adaptable for every taste, with Customflex®

Find the refrigerator for you

Find a refrigerator that accompanies your cooking and shopping routine. Our buying guide leads you through sizes, smart features and energy classes.