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MultiFlow protects the quality of food ensuring stable temperature over time in the whole fridge. Multiple air channels distribute cold air and keep a stable temperature over time. The quality of your ingredients is protected over time.


Stable temperatures, with MultiFlow

MultiFlow protects the quality of food by maintaining stable temperature and humidity in the whole fridge. Multiple air channels enable an active circulation of cold air reaching every corner.

Quick-opening doors. Minimum-effort accessibility

Easy access to the fridge with the quick-opening door system. The fridge actively supports the opening effort through a system that pushes the door outwards as the handle is pressed.

ExtraChill drawer. For delicate cold cuts

The ExtraChill drawer protects the quality of cold cuts and cheeses.

Peace of mind included

Maintain peace of mind with our included 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all AEG refrigerator products

Manage functions and temperature with Electronic Control

Electronic control gives you the ability to make precise modifications of the temperature and other storage functions. This efficient Refrigerator also gives you instant feedback of your adjustments on the digital control panel.


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