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8000 Perfect Shelving showcases your wine collection with extendable, premium wood shelving. Designed with optimal spacing to accommodate all main 750ml bottles, including your favourite Champagne, without scratching their labels.


Optimal temperatures. With Dual-Zone Pro

Dual-Zone Pro comes with two independent compartments that can be set individually to keep your wines at optimal serving temperatures: 6–12C for white wines or sparkling and 14–20C for reds. Or, set one zone between 12–14C for cellaring.

Expand Your New Collection - White, Red, Champagne & More

Expand your wine collection and stock up on your favourite bottles. With 7 spaces available per shelf, you will always have room and be ready to serve at any party or special moment.

Keep wine at its finest with Cellar Pro 5 Fundamentals

We make sure your wine quality is perfectly protected thanks to the Cellar Pro 5 Fundamentals: temperature stability, high humidity, UV-free dark storage area, quality airflow and no vibrations.

Create a premium lighting display with Side LED Illumination

Have the perfect lighting for your collection. Full visibility on every shelf with Side LED Illumination.


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