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The 7000 SensiDry® Tumble Dryer uses heat pump technology. It dries clothes evenly, at low temperatures, without extending the drying time. Gentle drying ensures items are never subjected to unnecessary heat, so your clothes last longer.



MixDry effortlessly and thoroughly gets synthetic and cotton garments evenly dried without overdrying or underdrying. No sorting needed. The heat-pump technology ensures items get the exact amount of heat, keeping energy consumption low.

*Tested with load of mixed cotton and synthetics up to 5kg.

Precisedry. saves time and energy. protects your clothes

The advanced humidity sensors of ProSense+ help save time and energy. They proportionally adjust the time and energy usage based on the load size. Providing the right care to every load, so clothes look and feel their best for longer.

EasyClean Filter. For long-lasting performance

Simplify your tumble dryer maintenance with the EasyClean Filter. Designed to open like a book, it traps lint inside for quick and easy cleaning. Your tumble dryer will operate smoothly, delivering great results and avoiding wasting energy.

Anticrease evenly dries your clothes, helping to reduce wrinkles

The Anticrease technology of our tumble dryer allows the drum to rotate in two directions, which helps clothes dry more evenly, and reduces creases and wrinkles.

The full reversible door offers four practical handle options

The Full Reversible Door lets you choose between four different door handle placement options. So, whether you stack your appliances on top of each other, or place them side by side, you can open the door in the direction that is best for you.


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