This is an interactive quick start guide to help you set up your new dishwasher, run a quick wash cycle to remove any residuals from the manufacturing process and get you up and running. 

There is more in depth information available in your user manual should you need it.  Like many user manuals it may not be the most exciting read however it is packed full of really useful information to help you get the best out of your appliance.

We will guide you through how the innovative features work and share some tips along the way. 

Before we start, make sure you have approx 1kg of dishwasher salt available!

Just a couple of "pre flight checks" before the next steps which may save some time later if everything is installed correctly...

  • You should be able to open and close the door of the dish washer easily.
  • Check the water supply is connected and turned on and the waste pipe is positioned in place.
  • If you turn on the appliance (button on far let of the interface) the display should illuminate.

Just to put your mind at rest, if the appliance is wet inside do not be concerned, this is perfectly normal and just a result of the testing before the appliance leaves the factory

If you are having a problem with any of these …Sometimes it may be something simple.

Common water issues can simply be kinked/crushed pipework.  

It may be a closed spigot under the sink so its wont drain. (image)

Sometime power or water has been turned off to the appliance.

It may be worth checking with your installer, fitter, trade person or homebuilder.

  • Adding dishwasher salt:

    You must use dishwasher salt (no other type of salt will work).  Turn the cap of the salt container on the base of the dishwasher towards the front left counter clockwise and pour in approx. 1kg of salt.   The water softener in the dishwasher must have salt to operate and the video also explains why.  If you spill any salt clean it up to avoid corrosion.


  • Adding the rinse aid:

    Rinse aid is not essential however it really does give you much better drying results.  The video shows you how, it’s as simple as pouring up to the “max” line into section “A” behind the dispenser door.


Let’s set the water softness level

We need to tell the appliance what the hardness level is of the water in your area.  To do this we just need to go into the setting menu and choose a level between 1 to 10.  It is set to 5 as default so you may not even need to change it.control panel.png

Press and hold Quick (30min) and Eco together for 3 seconds to enter the settings menu.  

The three MyTime buttons from left to right now mean Previous – OK – Next

Press Previous & Next until the light on the 'S' shape (Salt Icon) illuminates and flashes – it should flash 5 times to show it is set on level 5. 

To change this press, Previous or Next to adjust the level.  The number of times it flashes refers to the water hardness level and then press ok to confirm.



Just press the 30min button and close the door.  This is a “Quick Wash” and perfect if you have a lighter load or you are in a hurry.  See you in 30 mins!

  • AirDry Technology

    This appliance has a great feature called AirDry.  Don’t be surprised when the door opens automatically at the end of every programme. This is to let fresh air in and warm moist air out of the dishwasher in the last part of the program so dishes dry quicker, ready for unloading. This removes droplets and prevents condensation that normally remain on the crockery and give three times better drying than a regular closed-door dishwasher drying cycle.


  • Deactivating AirDry

    If you wanted to deactivate the feature if for instance you have small children, you can do so in the Settings Menu. Press and hold Quick and Eco together for 3 seconds to enter the Settings Menu. Press Previous (30min) or Next (ECO) to navigate to the imageik1er.png  icon.  Make the light on the imageswnaa.pngicon flash and use Previous (30min) or Next (ECO) to turn the light off. Press OK (90min) to confirm.

So now you are up and running. Here is some more support to help with your first dishwasher load and get the best results simply

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