Model No. Reward
Food Preservation  
AGB728E5NB £50.00
RKB738E5MB £50.00
AGB728E5NX £50.00
RCB732E5MX £50.00
RKB738E5MX £75.00
RCB736E5MX £75.00
ATB68F6NX £30.00
L7FE7461BI £50.00
L7WC8632BI £75.00
L8FC8432BI £75.00
L8FEC966CA £100.00
L8FEE965R £75.00
L9FEC966R £100.00
L9FEB969C £100.00
T9DEB969C £100.00
T9DEC866R £100.00
T8DEC846R £75.00
T8DEC946R £100.00
T8DEE845R £75.00
T8DEE945R £75.00
BSE778380M £150.00
BPE748380M £100.00
BPK748380B £100.00
BSK798380B £150.00
BSE978330M £150.00
Compact Microwave/Ovens  
KME768080M £75.00
KMK768080B £75.00
KME968000M £100.00
IKB84401FB £75.00
IPE64551FB £75.00
IPE84531FB £100.00


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Terms & Conditions


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully and if you have any queries please contact your retailer or email aegpromo@360incentives.com or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone) for further explanation.

1. Customers who make a qualifying purchase between 28.04.21 and 02.06.21 (both dates inclusive) may claim cashback in accordance with these terms.
2. This offer is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and is available to consumers only (i.e. it excludes trade and contract sales) subject at all times to product availability.
3. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, in order to be a qualifying purchase, the purchase must:
a. Be made from a www.aeg.co.uk (AEG brand website);
b. Include 1 or more appliances from the selected range of AEG appliances identified at aeg.co.uk/claim and on www.aeg.co.uk with a cashback offer.
c. Be made between 28.04.21 and 02.06.21 (both dates inclusive)
4. Cashback amounts and eligible products can be found on the AEG website www.aeg.co.uk and on the AEG Rewards website (www.aeg.co.uk/local/rewards-er/aeg-spring-cashback)
5. Claims relating to products not identified at aeg.co.uk/claim or purchased before 28.04.21 and after 02.06.21 will not be accepted.
6. All online claims must be received by the Promoter by 23.59 on 28.06.21. No online claims can be submitted after this date. No postal claims will be accepted if received after this date.
7. You will be asked to select payment via a bank transfer on aeg.co.uk/claim. Please note that there is no cash alternative to the promotion. Please allow 28 days for receipt of cashback via BACS.
8. To register your product and claim your AEG Reward, please visit our AEG promotions claims site at www.aeg.co.uk/local/rewards-er/aeg-spring-cashback and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any queries please consult your retailer or contact AEG Promotions aegpromo@360incentives.com or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone).
9. Please note payment will be subject to compliance with the additional terms and conditions contained within aeg.co.uk/claim. You will be required to upload a proof of purchase to support any online claim, failure to do so, will mean that your claim will be rejected.
10. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any postal claims that are incomplete, illegible, corrupted, lost, damaged, delayed or fail to reach AEG Spring Cashback Offer,2nd Floor, 20 Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford upon Avon, CV37 9BF. .
11. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and undertake all such action, as is reasonable, to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims. The Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims, which it considers, in its absolute discretion, are or may be fraudulent or invalid.
12. If you have any queries on your application or if your cashback does not arrive please email aegpromo@360incentives.com or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone).
13. The Promoter is Electrolux PLC, Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 9QQ.

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