Wren Free AEG Accessory Promotion

Selected Appliances

If you purchase any of the following AEG Induction Hobs below you are able to claim a free AEG Cookware Set, Plancha Grill or Fusion Wok worth up to £186.

Model Code Description
CCE84751FB 83cm Hob with Extractor with Touch Control and Dual Bridge Zone
CCE84779FB 83cm Hob with Extractor with Touch Control and Dual FlexiBridge
IDK84453IB 83cm Hob with Extractor with Touch Control and Double Bridge Zone
IDE84243IB 83cm Hob with Extractor, Touch Control and Single Bridge Zone
IDE74243IB 72cm Hob with Extractor, Touch Control and Single Bridge Zone
IKK86681FB 80cm TotalFlex Hob with Active Touch and PowerSlide
IAE84851FB 80cm SenseFry® with TFT Touch Control Display and FlexiBridge
IKE95471FB 90cm MaxiSense® with DirekTouch and FlexiBridge
IKE85651FB 80cm 5 Zone MaxiSense® with ActiveTouch and Double Bridge Zone
IPE84531FB 80cm PURE with DirekTouch
IAE84421FB 80cm Senseboil™ with DirekTouch and Single Bridge Zone
IKK93431FB 90cm Slim Depth MaxiSense® with DirekTouch
IAE84411FB 80cm Senseboil™ with DirekTouch
IKE84441FB 80cm 4 Zone MaxiSense® with DirekTouch
IKE85431FB 80cm 5 Zone MaxiSense® with DirekTouch
IPE64551FB 60cm PURE with DirekTouch and Double Bridge Zone
IAE64421FB 60cm Senseboil™ with DirekTouch
IKE64450FB 60cm 4 Zone MaxiSense® with DirekTouch and Double Bridge Zone
IAE64411FB 60cm Senseboil™ with DirekTouch
IKE64441FB 60cm Induction Hob with Single Bridge Zone
IKB64401FB 60cm 4 Zone Induction Hob with DirekTouch
ILB64334CB 60cm Plug & Play Induction Hob

Participating Stores


Wren Kitchens Chester

Wren Kitchens Cribbs Causeway

Wren Kitchens Stockton

Wren Kitchens Croydon

Wren Kitchens Liverpool

Wren Kitchens Aberdeen

Wren Kitchens Preston

Wren Kitchens Blackburn

Wren Kitchens Cardiff

Wren Kitchens Warrington

Wren Kitchens Hayes

Wren Kitchens Norwich

Wren Kitchens Manchester

Wren Kitchens Kirkcaldy

Wren Kitchens Leicester

Wren Kitchens Solihull

Wren Kitchens Greenwich

Wren Kitchens Reading

Wren Kitchens Derby

Wren Kitchens Staples Corner

Wren Kitchens Enfield

Wren Kitchens North Shields

Wren Kitchens Plymouth

Wren Kitchens Fort Kinnaird

Wren Kitchens Swansea

Wren Kitchens Erdington

Wren Kitchens Uddingston

Wren Kitchens Portsmouth

Wren Kitchens Ashton

Wren Kitchens Eastbourne

Wren Kitchens Beckton

Wren Kitchens Poole

Wren Kitchens Maidstone

Wren Kitchens Southampton

Wren Kitchens Tamworth

Wren Kitchens Exeter

Wren Kitchens Orpington

Wren Kitchens Edmonton

Wren Kitchens Guildford

Wren Kitchens Romford

Wren Kitchens Altrincham

Wren Kitchens Doncaster

Wren Kitchens Hemel Hempstead

Wren Kitchens Acton

Wren Kitchens Nottingham

Wren Kitchens Bradford

Wren Kitchens Farnborough

Wren Kitchens Wolverhampton

Wren Kitchens Worthing

Wren Kitchens Swindon

Wren Kitchens Edinburgh

Wren Kitchens Northampton

Wren Kitchens Basildon

Wren Kitchens Bolton

Wren Kitchens Peterborough

Wren Kitchens Stoke

Wren Kitchens Hull

Wren Kitchens Tunbridge Wells

Wren Kitchens Gloucester

Wren Kitchens Luton

Wren Kitchens Merry Hill

Wren Kitchens York

Wren Kitchens Glasgow

Wren Kitchens Broadstairs

Wren Kitchens Wakefield

Wren Kitchens Lincoln

Wren Kitchens Cambridge

Wren Kitchens Bromley

Wren Kitchens Rushden

Wren Kitchens Worcester

Wren Kitchens Slough

Wren Kitchens Coventry

Wren Kitchens Oldham

Wren Kitchens Milton Keynes

Wren Kitchens Dundee

Wren Kitchens Lakeside

Wren Kitchens Mansfield

Wren Kitchens Sheffield

Wren Kitchens Paisley

Wren Kitchens Gateshead

Wren Kitchens Bedford

Wren Kitchens Newport

Wren Kitchens Stevenage

Wren Kitchens Ipswich

Wren Kitchens Southend

Wren Kitchens Huddersfield

Wren Kitchens Leeds

Wren Kitchens Stirling

Wren Kitchens Ayr

Wren Kitchens Basingstoke

Wren Kitchens Harlow

Wren Kitchens Sunderland

Wren Kitchens Oxford

Wren Kitchens Colchester

Wren Kitchens Chelmsford

Wren Kitchens Harrogate

Wren Kitchens Rotherham

Wren Kitchens Shrewsbury

Wren Kitchens Banbury

Wren Kitchens Scunthorpe

Wren Kitchens Birstall

Wren Kitchens Carlisle

Wren Kitchens Durham

Wren Kitchens Inverness

Wren Kitchens Llandudno

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully and if you have any queries please contact your Wren Kitchens store or email aegpromo@360incentives.com or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone) for further explanation.
1. Customers aged 18 or over who purchase any eligible AEG induction hob through a Wren Kitchens store during the sales period 24.03.22 – 24.08.22 may claim an AEG Accessory.
2. This offer is open to residents of the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and is available to consumers only and is subject at all times to product availability.
3. For the purposes of these terms & conditions, in order to be a qualifying purchase the purchase must:
i. be made from a Wren Kitchens store;
ii. include 1 or more AEG induction hobs from the group of eligible models listed below:
   IDE84243IB, IDE74243IB, IAE84851FB, IKE95471FB, IKE85651FB, IPE84531FB, IAE84421FB,
IKK93431FB, IAE84411FB, IKE84441FB, IKE85431FB, IPE64551FB, IAE64421FB, IKE64450FB,
IAE64411FB, IKE64441FB, IKB64401FB,IDK84453IB, IKK86681FB, CCE84751FB, CCE84779FB,
ILB64334CBiii. be made between 24.03.22 – 24.08.22 (all dates inclusive).
4. The accessory for this promotion is a choice between any of the following and cannot be exchanged for an alternative option. If you have purchased more than one eligible model you can claim more than one accessory.
Option 1 The accessory is an AEG Plancha Grill worth £186 with the following specifications:
• The Plancha Grill has a non-stick surface
• Suitable for all induction hobs and any other hob type
• Dimensions are 22cm x 43.2cm x 1.8cm
• The model code is A9HL33
Option 2 The accessory is an AEG Fusion Wok worth £186 with the following specifications:
• The Fusion Wok is provided with the support ring
• Suitable for all induction hobs
• Diameter is 34cm
• The model code is FUSION-WOK
• Dimensions are 8.5cm x 45.5cm x 30.5cm
Option 3 The accessory is an AEG Cookware Set worth £139 with the following specifications:
• The three-piece cookware set
• Suitable for all induction hobs
• Frying pan diameter is 24cm
• Saucepan diameter is 16cm
• Saucepan diameter is 20cm
• The model code is A3SS
5. Please note that there is no cash alternative to this promotion.
6. Eligible products and rewards are as listed above.
7. Claims relating to products not identified within this promotion or purchased before 24.03.22 and after 24.08.22 will not be accepted.
8. No postal claim form is available for this promotion and only online claims can be submitted.
9. To register your product and claim your AEG Reward, please visit our AEG promotions claims site at www.aeg.co.uk/wren2 and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any queries please consult your Wren Kitchens store or contact AEG Promotions aegpromo@360incentives.com or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone).
Please note the fulfilment of the accessory will be subject to compliance with the additional terms and conditions contained within www.aeg.co.uk/wren2. You will be required to upload a proof of purchase to support any online claim, failure to do so, will mean that your claim will be rejected.
10. All online claims must be received by the Promoter by 23.59pm on 24.11.22. No claims can be submitted after this date.
11. The Promoter reserves the right to investigate and undertake all such action, as is reasonable, to protect itself against fraudulent or invalid claims. The Promoter reserves the right to reject those claims, which it considers, in its absolute discretion are or may be fraudulent or invalid.
12. The Promoter reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative of the same value to the AEG Plancha Grill or AEG Fusion Wok or AEG Cookware Set.
13. Please allow 28 days for receipt of your chosen AEG Accessory.
14. If you have any queries on your application or if your AEG Accessory does not arrive please email aegpromo@360incentives.com or phone 0808 189 1287 (Freephone).
15. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.
16. The Promoter is Electrolux PLC, Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU4 9QQ.