Using the oven grill function

One of the most underused functions on an oven is the broiler setting. Did you know that it can be used as a make-shift grill? 

Who doesn´t love a good BBQ?

There is a certain something to cooking food over a flame. The sight... The sound... The smell...

But sometimes nature has other ideas

Winter, rain, hail or just bone-chilling cold. You can´t always barbecue outside. 

Don´t worry

By utilizing the broiler setting on your oven you can actually grill inside - all year round. 

How to use the grill function in your oven

Have you ever used the broiler setting on your oven? Think of it as an upside-down grill. Instead of heat coming from the bottom it comes from the top. While you won´t get the smoky flavor - you can get a great char. Quick cooking grilled recipes work great in the oven. Most ovens shut off the broiler once the target temperature is reached - to keep you "grill" going, leave the oven door slightly ajar. Be sure to check the food frequently so it doesn´t burn. 

Plancha Grill

Plancha Grill

Turn your hob in an instant to a barbecue and get perfect outdoor grill taste all year round with the Plancha Grill. Steaks grilled to perfection, asparagus with the right crunch and seared scallops with the crispy crust and a tender inside whenever you want them.

How to grill on your hob

Turn your hob into a makeshift grill. Use a cast iron skillet as it retains heat well, it will stay hot and give you those elusive sear marks. Place the skillet on the hob and heat it until very hot, then lower the temperature to medium and keep it there for the whole cooking process. If the pan starts to smoke it is to hot. For the best results, pat your food dry and lightly brush it with olive oil before placing it in the skillet. And remember, don´t flip your food to early - leave it undisturbed for at least 3-4 minutes so it has the time to char. 

Maxisense® Plancha grill

Maxisense® Plancha grill

Enjoy an outdoor grill taste all year round with the Maxi Sense Plancha Grill. The precise heat control of induction gives you steaks grilled to perfection.

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