AEG Home Comfort App - How can I connect the appliance to the app? (Onboarding)

Last updated 29/01/2021 09:04


  • AEG Home Comfort App - How can I connect the appliance to the app? (Onboarding)

Applies to

  • AEG Home Comfort App
  • WiFi capable Air Conditioners


Step1 - Make sure you have a 2,4 GHzWifi network at home that is connected to the internet.

Modern routers usually have the capability to create two different Wifi networks using 2,4 GHz and/or

5GHz bandwidth. Some routers create combinations between 2,4 and 5GHz.

The most common Wifi network type is 2,4GHz. Due to range and other reasons this product only

works with 2,4GHz Wifi networks.

Step 2 - Make sure you have the password for your Wifi network available. The app will ask for it in

order to connect the product to it.

Step 3 - Put your product in onboard mode by pressing the "Led/Light" button 7 times. This process

depends on the model that you have - you will have additional instructions in the app. Once the product

is in onboard mode it can be connected to your wifi network.

Step 4 - Input the password for your 2,4GHz Wifi Network.

Step 5 - Tap the Configure-button

If the product successfully connects to the internet you will now find it in the app and being able to

control it.

If the product successfully connects to the router but not found by the APP, a dialogue will pop up to ask

you to try onboarding again.

If the product was not successfully connected you have the option to connect using an Access Point.

Access Point means that the product itself will create a Wifi network so that the product can connect to

the phone and the app.


The app will tell you the following: "Do you want to connect through AP (Access Point) ?"

If the appliance does not show "AP" in the display press "Retry" in the app again.

If the appliance shows "AP" in the display follow the steps in the app:

(1) Click the "AP"-button

(2) Confirm the password to your Wifi network.

(3) Switch to the Wifi-network settings in your phone

(4) Look for a Wifi-network with the name (SSID) "Air-conditioner"

(5) Connect to "Air-Conditioner" Wifi-network

(6) If the app finds the appliance just follow the steps in the app to connect your appliance

If these steps are not working try the following:

(1) Check that you've put in the correct password for YOUR Wifi-network

If it still does not work then restart the entire onboarding process from Step 1; "Press the "Led/Light"...