Looking after your Chillflex Pro Air Conditioner

Last updated 29/04/2022 09:05


  • Upkeep of your ChillFlex Air Conditioner
  • How to clean filters on your ChillFlex Air Conditioner
  • How to drain your ChillFlex Air Conditioner

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There are a few different things that you need to check during the use of your AEG Air Conditioner.

The first one depends on how you drain the appliance; the appliance will collect water during use and this needs to be drained out of the machine. If you are using a heating function on your appliance (note: only certain models have a heat mode) there will be more water collecting.

On the back of the appliance there are three different outlets where the appliance can be drained.

The top outlet on the appliance is designed for the appliance to be constantly draining through a garden hose. This would be used when draining through a wall or similar.

The second hole down, just below the where the vent fits is again for constant draining. This is used with the clear pipe that comes with the appliance and can be used to drain in to a container.

The final outlet is the one at the very bottom of the appliance near where the power cable enters the appliance. This is for when you are not constantly draining the appliance. When P1 shows on the display on the air conditioner this is where the appliance would need to be drained from. Simply place a tray under the outlet and unscrew the cover. As mentioned before if you are using the appliance to heat this will be more regular.

Another thing that needs to be maintained are the filters on the appliance. There are two separate air filters on the appliance. The appliance will notify you when the filters need attention with the filter light on the control panel.

One of the filters is located behind this plastic grille. Simply pull the grille off using the handle at the side and it will hinge down to open.


Once open you will see the black-framed filter. This can then be taken out and washed using water and then ensure it has thoroughly dried before returning to the appliance.








The other air filter on the appliance is located behind the grille on the bottom of the appliance. This has a single phillips-head screw keeping this in place which need so to be un-done to access the filter. When opened there is another filter similar to the one above that needs to be cleaned with water and left to thoroughly dry.







These tips should help with general maintenance of your air conditioner unit. If you have any issues or faults with your appliance please do contact us for further support.

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