Venting a ChillFlex Air-Conditioner

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How to vent a ChillFlex Air-Conditioner

Using a window-kit on my ChillFlex Air-Conditioner

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ChillFlex Air-Conditioners


The ChillFlex Air conditioners need to be vented outside. When used on the cooling mode they will push warm air out of the exhaust, and in the heating mode it will be pushing out cold air.

As standard our ChillFlex air conditioners come with a 1.7m exhaust which is 150mm in diameter. It also comes with the standard window fitting seen on the left hand side.

If you wish to extend the exhaust pipe you can purchase a longer hose from any retailer that is 150mm in diameter and fit this yourself. We recommend that this would be no longer than 3 metres and has no more than two 90-degree bends.





Another option to have the air conditioner ducted outside it to use our AWK04 window kit, which is available to purchase here.

This window kit is designed for our PX7 air conditioner and comes with it as standard. But can be used with our ChillFlex models with a little alteration.

To fit the AWK04 window kit:

1. First step is to remove the exhaust pipe from the appliance. Then the window fitting that comes with the appliances needs to be removed from the exhaust pipe. Keep the connection on the pipe that connects it to the back of the air-conditioner. This can be done by unscrewing the piece from the pipe by hand. 

2. Then fit the main part of the new window-kit on to the end of the exhaust pipe. Which when done should look like this.




3. Then you can fit the extension pieces depending on the size of the window that you are trying to fit in. This can fit windows of heights from 57 - 147cm.

4. Then fit in the window and attach to the appliance and you are ready to go. It should look like the below when fully fitted. 







Unfortunately we only currently sell the window-kit as a kit and the parts included are not available individually.  

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