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Last updated 24/03/2023 11:12


  • AEG app - Air Care appliances FAQ

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How do I connect more AEG air purifiers to my AEG app?

You can add a new appliance by tapping on the + icon on the top right of the screen. Follow the in-app instructions to connect your appliance.

Does every air purifier need to be connected to the AEG app?

No, you can actually use your AEG Pure Multi 700/7000 air purifier without the AEG app as well. 

However, with the app, you will be able to access exclusive appliance functionality and the smartness of all the connected features (eg scheduling task, ionizer ON/OFF Air Quality Light ON/OFF while in manual mode, checking remaining filter life, and outdoor air quality information, depending on model).

Why have the outdoor air quality values had delays for several hours?

We are presenting the latest recordings from official outdoor air quality stations in your proximity and the recordings can have several hours of delay.

Can you get a longer graph of longer time on the indoor values?

Yes, tap on the different graphs and you can see the historical data for 24 hours, 30 days and 12 months

Which operating systems are supported by the AEG app?

Both iOS 15 and later and Android 7.1 and later.

Which mobile devices are supported by the AEG app?

Electrolux/AEG app is optimized for smartphones: iOS 15 and later, Android 7.1 and later

Why is the app asking for location permission?

If you are onboarding an air purifier and prompted to share your location, this is because your phone's location is used to find outdoor air data. It is only used for this purpose.

For an accurate reading, share your location when you are near your air purifier.

Where do you get the outdoor air quality data?

We have multiple sources for Outdoor Air Quality including the different countries’ Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs).

Real-time outdoor air quality data is provided through the app for PM2.5 particles (micrograms / cubic meter) from the closest monitor station to where the device is located. If you are within 100 km of a monitoring station, you will get the value from that monitoring station in your app. 

Please note that air quality can be very local. If you are far from the monitoring station it is possible that the value that you see in the app might not fully represent the outdoor air quality that is in your direct vicinity. 

We are continuously working on getting data from more relevant stations near you.

How do I schedule my purifier?

You can only schedule your purifier through the AEG App. Go to the Task tab and add a new task. 

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