Air purifier LED (white dot) or alert icon flashes repeatedly

Last updated 16/12/2021 12:18


  • Air purifier LED (white dot) / loading icon flashes repeatedly
  • Why does the alert icon  flash repeatedly on the UI panel?

Applies to

  • AEG AX9 series air purifier
  • AEG AX5/AX7 series air purifier


If the alert icon /  white dot is flashing, your air purifier is not working properly. 

1. Unplug the air purifier

2. Wait for 10 seconds

3. Plug it back in again and turn on the purifier.  Wait a few minutes while it attempts to reconnect. Then check the Wellbeing app if there's an error message shown there.

Generally, the unit comes with a variety of sophisticated sensors, electronics and other electrical components and if one of these is malfunctioning, you will see the alert icon on the product panel light up. For more details on steps to resolve, please head over to the Wellbeing App and check for details whenever you see this icon lit.

If you are not connected or using the Wellbeing app please check the following : 

  • If the filter is missing or placed incorrectly (upside down?) the alert icon will flash on the display.  Check to make sure that the filter is oriented correctly, so the RFID sensor can detect it.  
  • Check so that the RFID tag located on the filter is not damaged, missing, or in the wrong position like outside the RFID tag frame on the filter.
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