Air purifier Wi-Fi connection problems

Last updated 16/12/2021 11:53


  • Cannot connect my Air Purifier to the home router (Technicolor brand)
  • After successful onboarding after about 5 minutes, the notification appears “Cannot connect…make sure you entered the correct Wi-Fi password.”
  • I have already completed the onboarding and I am seeing the  "Connecting, this might take a few minutes". It's been a long time already.

Applies to

  • Pure A9 and Well A5/A7 series Air Purifiers firmware version below 2.20
  • AX9 and AX5/AX7 series Air Purifier firmware version below 2.20
  • Technicolor routers


First, make sure there are no problems with your internet connection. If you have waited for at least 5 minutes and you still see this issue, you will need to onboard again. 

  1. One possible cause is you might have entered the wrong WiFi password so please make sure that is correct when you onboard again.
  2. Get a different Wi-Fi source that has an internet connection and that you have the password to. For example, use a smartphone with a Wi-Fi hotspot enabled.
  3. Start a new onboarding session and follow the directions in the app.
  4. Make sure that you choose the new Wi-Fi source to connect to.
  5. When the purifier is successfully paired keep it connected for at least 15 minutes 
  6. Check that the firmware is updated. The information can be found in the Wellbeing app under "product information". Firmware after 2.20 works with all routers.
  7. Onboard to your preferred home router.
  8. As an alternative, change your home router security protocol from WEP/WPA to WPA2 and run onboarding again. For detailed instructions check your router documentation


  • Old firmware on the purifier. Versions below 2.20 has this issue together with Technicolor routers. When connected to the cloud the purifier will automatically update the firmware
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