How do I replace the filter in AX5 / AX7 air purifier?

Last updated 30/01/2023 07:59


  • How do I replace the filter in AX5 / AX7 air purifier?

Applies to

  • AEG AX5 / AX7 air purifier


NOTE: The filters – except for the mesh pre-filter - cannot be washed and must always be replaced when at end of life. The AX7 / AX5 series air purifiers have a variety of filters to choose from, tailored to your lifestyle needs. Each filter layer is equipped with a smart RFID tag to uniquely identify it as well as to track its usage over time. Head over to the Wellbeing App or the product information page on our website for a guide on choosing the appropriate filter for your needs.

1. Remove the front panel of the appliance by pulling it outward.

2. Take out the pre-filter by pulling on the hooks at the top. It is good to vacuum the pre-filter before reuse. 

3. Take out the used / dirty filter(s), pulling them via the inbuilt handle in the frame. Discard in a hygienic way.

4. Insert the new filter in the order recommended. Please ensure the filter is facing the correct way & side (check for guidance marks on the filter).

5. Reinsert the pre-filter and the front panel.

Please refer to the User Manual for detailed guidance

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