How much electricity does the air purifier consume?

Last updated 07/03/2023 13:00


  • How much electricity does the air purifier consume?

Applies to

  • AEG air purifiers


  • Air Purifiers in general consume much less energy to operate than products that come with a compressor (e.g. Dehumidifiers), and hence are not hard on your wallet in terms of electricity costs. 
  • The power consumption generally varies based on the model and by fan speed, but the WELL AX7/AX5 series models consume in the range of about 50-55 W at the highest fan speed and PURE 700 / 7000 series models consumer in the range of about 44-45 W.
  • Our experience shows that most often the Air Purifier in your home will be operating at fan speed 1 or 2, where the power consumption of the product will be comparable to normal intensity LED lightbulb, or lower. 
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