I can't see any outdoor air quality data in the app

Last updated 23/07/2020 08:53


  • I can't see any outdoor air quality data in the app

Applies to

  • AEG Wellbeing app


You might not see an outdoor air quality value because of the following reasons:

1. You didn’t provide permission to share location

2. You have your Location Services turned Off

3. There is no monitoring station within 100km

4. We have not added a monitoring station from their area

5. The monitoring station is down

Real-time outdoor air quality data is provided through the app for PM2.5 particles (micrograms / cubic meter) from the closest monitor station to where the device is located. If you are within 100 km from a monitoring station, you will get the value from that monitoring station in your app. 

Please note that air quality can be very local. If you are far from the monitoring station it is possible that the value that you see in the app might not fully represent the outdoor air quality that is in your direct vicinity. 

We are continuously working on getting data from more relevant stations near you.

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