My air purifier has an unpleasant smell

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  • My air purifier has an unpleasant smell

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  • Air Purifiers


The first time you use the air purifier, you might perceive a plastic or paint smell. This is normal, but it should disappear quickly. If the smell persists or if you sense a burning smell, please disconnect the air purifier, and reach out to an AEG authorized service for support. 

1. Check the filters for any excessive dust build-up or any other issues that can cause the smell. Clean off the filters if needed and check the smell on the filters.  If the main filter is reaching the end of its lifetime, the filter should be replaced. 

2. A humid environment may provoke a smell on the filters, as the dust on the filters gets damp. Ensure the filters are dry when using the air purifier. High humidity may saturate the odour (activated carbon) filter. If a humidifier is used, ensure it is placed at some distance from the air purifier

3. When the odour (activated carbon) filter is saturated it may not be able to absorb gases further and instead may just end up recirculating smelly air from one area of the room to another - increasing the perception that such smell is originating from the air purifier. In this case, it is best to change the odour filter with a new one OR temporarily use the air purifier without the odour filter

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