The airflow has decreased in my air purifier

Last updated 28/10/2021 07:57


  • The airflow has decreased in my air purifier
  • Air purifier poor performance

Applies to

  • AEG air purifiers (AX7, AX5 series)


1. Remove the front panel and check the dust load on the pre-filter (mesh filter)  The pre-filter should occasionally be cleaned from dust with a vacuum cleaner or be wiped off.

2. Check the Wellbeing App if the filter is starting to reach the end of its lifetime, or if the filter seems loaded with dust. Change the main filter if needed. 

3. Check product fan speed to ensure it is set on the correct speed

4. Ensure no paper/dust etc. is blocking the air inlet area.

If the problem persists contact an AEG / Electrolux service centre.

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