The App shows my air purifier as unavailable

Last updated 19/01/2024 12:27


  • The App shows my air purifier as unavailable

Applies to

  • AEG AX9 series air purifier
  • AEG AX5/AX7 series air purifiers
  • AEG Wellbeing app


Reasons why your air purifier may show as unavailable in the App:

1. The air purifier is not plugged in

2. Your Wi-Fi is not working; try restarting your router.

3. The air purifier has been moved out of range of your Wi-Fi router; try moving your air purifier closer to the router (within 10 meters)

If you have checked the reasons above but the air purifier still shows as unavailable:

1. Unplug the air purifier

2. Wait for a few minutes

3. Plug it back in again

Still not available? Remove the air purifier from the app and add it again.

AEG - Air Purifiers Getting Started & FAQs

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