The light is red or purple too often and the PM 2.5 values shown in the app are very high all the time

Last updated 17/07/2020 10:36


  • The app shows high values too often
  • The ring on the air purifier lights up red or purple
  • My air purifier suddenly have the highest fan speed

Applies to

  • AEG AX9 series air purifiers


  • The sensor is possibly clogged. Vacuuming the sensor window could solve your problem. We recommend that you vacuum the sensor window (located in the back of the product above the fabric handle used to open the filter cover) every month. However, depending on how dirty the air that circulates through the sensors is, you might need to vacuum the sensor window more often.

  • If problems persist, contact our consumer service


  • Dust can enter the sensor and cause the values for particles to be displayed incorrectly in the app and the ring to glow red on the air purifier
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