What filters are available for my AX5, AX7 and AX9 purifier?

Last updated 13/09/2021 08:39


  • What filters are available for my air purifier?

Applies to

  • AEG AX9 series air purifiers
  • AEG AX5, AX7 series air purifiers


Our A7/A5 and AX9 series air purifiers have the ability to accommodate two main types of filters - a particle filter and an odour filter (also referred to as an activated carbon or VOC filter sometimes). 

To meet your individual and local needs, we have designed a variety of different particle and odour filters to choose from as an aftermarket purchase. Please head over to your local AEG website and then the air purifiers product page to know more about the options available for purchase.

All types of filters are available for online purchase in our Webshop

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