Why are my temperature & humidity readings different from other AEG appliances?

Last updated 17/03/2023 09:01


  • Temperature and/or humidity readings are different between appliances

Applies to

  • AEG Well AX5/AX7 air purifiers
  • AEG Pure AX9 air purifiers
  • AEG PURE 7000 air purifiers
  • AEG app


  • Small deviations between readings can occur between two appliances as the sensors are extremely sensitive and react to even the smallest of changes in the environment around the unit, including the airflow. Also note that two appliances placed in different rooms, even if they are just on the opposite sides of a dividing wall may result in very different readings. 
  • In addition, it is common that AEG/Electrolux appliances may use different sensor types depending on the model, which may work on different technologies and hence produce slightly unique results (ideally still within a 5% deviation).
  • To get the most accurate temperature & humidity readings, please ensure that the appliance is NOT placed extremely close to a cooling or heating source e.g. a wall heater, fireplace, HVAC, etc. If abnormally high/low readings persist over a few hours - as compared to other sensors in the same room - please clean the sensor intake area on the AEG/Electrolux appliance to see if this helps with stabilizing the readings. In case of continued high deviations even after cleanup, please reach out to an AEG/Electrolux representative at the nearest contact centre for further troubleshooting.
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