Is my appliance still covered by the warranty

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Is my appliance still covered by the warranty

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  • Standard warranty is 2 years for AEG appliances with selected models having a 5-year warranty.  These are detailed below however there may be some exceptions. 
  • Register your appliance, if the appliance has a warranty greater than the 12-month legal warranty, this will be indicated when you enter your product number
  • Call or email our team, our agents have tools to check the warranty based on the product number and the date of purchase, The exception to this will be if the model was purchased outside of the U.K.

To check your warranty you will need your PNC/Product number code, this is on your rating plate:   Find my rating plate/PNC number

Please note the information provided online will reflect the standard warranty provided with the appliance. Some promotional warranties may differ depending on your supplier, this is most common if your appliance was fitted by Barratt homes or supplied with a kitchen from one of our Premier Partner kitchen studios.  

The team in the contact centre should be able to guide you on this or alternatively refer to your supplier. 

A technician will verify the appliance age by requesting proof of purchase when they visit.

 Models with a 5-year warranty as standard are listed below.  Please note both model and PNC. 

41102IUmn94890413460cm Double Cavity Electric
41102IU-mn94890413460cm Double Cavity Electric
41102VMN94890413560cm Double Cavity Electric
43102VMN94890411860cm Double Cavity Electric
43102V-MN94890411860cm Double Cavity Electric
43172VMN94890411760cm Double Cavity Electric
43172V-MN94890411760cm Double Cavity Electric
47102VMN94890411960cm Double Cavity Electric
47102V-MN94890411960cm Double Cavity Electric
49106IUMN94890405560cm Double Cavity Electric
49106IU-MN94890405560cm Double Cavity Electric
49176IWMN94890441760cm Double Cavity Electric
49176IW-MN94890441760cm Double Cavity Electric
49176VMN94890441860cm Double Cavity Electric
49176V-MN94890441860cm Double Cavity Electric
CCB6760ACM94890426960cm Double Cavity Electric
CCB6761ACB94890427160cm Double Cavity Electric
CCB6761ACM94890427060cm Double Cavity Electric
CIB6731ACM94890427460cm Double Cavity Electric/Induction
CIB6740ACB94890427660cm Double Cavity Electric/Induction
CIB6740ACM94890427560cm Double Cavity Electric/Induction
17166GMMN94890511460cm Double Cavity Gas
17166GM-MN94890511460cm Double Cavity Gas
17166GTMN94890511360cm Double Cavity Gas
17166GT-MN94890511360cm Double Cavity Gas
CGB6130ACM94890516060cm Double Cavity Gas
CGB6133CCM94890516260cm Double Cavity Gas
47132MMMN94890506060cm Double Cavity Mixed Fuel
47132MM-MN94890506060cm Double Cavity Mixed Fuel
CKB6540ACM94890517160cm Double Cavity Mixed Fuel
S54000KMW0925052256Cabinet (Tall) Larders
S54000KMX0925052257Cabinet (Tall) Larders
S74010KDW0925052057Cabinet (Tall) Larders
A72700GNX0925052793Cabinet Freezer
A72700GNX0922643436Cabinet Freezer
A72710GNW0925052765Cabinet Freezer
A72710GNX0925052766Cabinet Freezer
A72710GNX1925052826Cabinet Freezer
S74000KMX0925052263Cabinet Refrigerator
S74010KDW0925052056Cabinet Refrigerator
S74010KDX0925052057Cabinet Refrigerator
S74010KDX1925052095Cabinet Refrigerator
S74020KMX0925052273Cabinet Refrigerator
49002VMN948904411Electric Cookers
49332iMN948904410Electric Cookers
S73420CTW2925054810Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S73420CTX2925054811Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83200CMM0925034543Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83200CMW0925034544Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83400CTM0925033734Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83400CTW0925033733Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83420CTW2925054812Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83420CTX2925054814Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83430CTW2925054841Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83430CTX2925054842Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83600CMM0925033909Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83600CMW0925033910Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83800CTM0925033863Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83800CTW0925033864Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83820CTW2925054909Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S83820CTX2925054910Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
S94400CTX0925585561Fridge Freezers - Frost Free Bottom Freezer
L68480FL914911359Front Loader
L6FBJ841N914913526Front Loader
L6FBK841N914913221Front Loader
L76495FL2914531768Front Loader
L76695FL2914531769Front Loader
L79485FL914535106Front Loader
L79495FL914535129Front Loader
L79685FL914535107Front Loader
L87405FL914531623Front Loader
L89499FL914531914Front Loader
L99699FL914535209Front Loader
L9FSC949R914550928Front Loader
L9FSC969R914550927Front Loader
LS74486FL914534215Front Loader
LW74486FL914534216Front Loader
T86581IH916097655Tumble Dryer
T88595IS916097384Tumble Dryer
T8DSC849R916098159Tumble Dryer
T8DSC869C916098109Tumble Dryer
T8DSC949R916098158Tumble Dryer
T97689IH3916097865Tumble Dryer
T76485AH916096750Tumble Dryers
T86280IC916096791Tumble Dryers
T86580IH916096749Tumble Dryers
T96699IH916096748Tumble Dryers
L77695NWD914605819Washer Dryer
L87695NWD914605724Washer Dryer
L99695HWD914605903Washer Dryer
L75480WD914605605Washer Dryers
L77685WD914605802Washer Dryers
L87695WD914605702Washer Dryers
L6027FL914530549Washing Machines
L6047FL914530573Washing Machines
L75270FL914531127Washing Machines
L75280FL914531196Washing Machines
L75470FL914531126Washing Machines
L75480FL914531455Washing Machines
L75670FL914531128Washing Machines
L76285FL914531493Washing Machines
L76485FL914531494Washing Machines
L85275XFL914530803Washing Machines
L87480FL914531225Washing Machines
L87490FL914531299Washing Machines
L87680FL914531226Washing Machines
L88409FL2914531602Washing Machines
L98699FL914531332Washing Machines
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