Preparing for AEG to deliver and install your new appliance

Last updated 07/05/2024 09:23


Things to consider before we deliver your appliance


Additional Services

At the same time as placing your appliance order with AEG, you have the chance to add additional services to be completed at the same time your appliance is being delivered.

Please make sure you add any services you might require as they can’t be completed by our delivery team if not selected at the same time of placing your order.

These services include disconnection of your existing appliance, installation of both built-in and freestanding appliances, and removal and recycling of old. Please check your order confirmation email to see what has been selected.

If no services appear the appliance will just be delivered to your home.

Checking your kitchen is ready for your new appliance

It's worthwhile double-checking the appliance you have ordered can be installed without any issues in your kitchen.

Review the dimensions of your new appliance and the space it will need to fit into. The cavity itself should be checked with attention paid to any gaps needed for ventilation, pipes, and wiring.

Please note our installers aren’t able to drill holes or make any adjustments to your cabinetry.

For electrical appliances please check the ‘total electricity loading’. This can be found under the ‘full specifications’ tab on our website page of your new appliance. It could be the case that if your new appliance’s total electricity loading is greater than the existing appliance a qualified electrician will need to prepare the power supply for your new appliance. If in any doubt, please consult a qualified electrician before the installation occurs.

More details on your specific appliance type can be found here:

Hob installations

Integrated fridge freezers, dishwashers, and washing machines 

Electric and gas cookers

Integrated ovens

Side-by-side fridge freezers

Access to your property

Our delivery team will make contact to confirm your delivery date with you. Please inform them of any restrictions there might be for them when delivering your new appliance.

If parking close to your property is not possible or is likely to be difficult to find please make them aware of this.

When bringing your appliance to your home please consider any obstacles the delivery team could encounter. For example, stairs, narrow passages, and doorways.