Preparing for AEG to deliver your new freestanding washing machine or dishwasher

Last updated 02/09/2022 13:13

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Freestanding washing machines and dishwashers


Please check the following in advance of your delivery date. If you have any concerns or questions, please call us to support you further with this.

If you need to double check the details of your appliance again, please visit the appliance’s page on our website and select the ‘full specification’ tab.

1. Check the appliance dimension fit the space provided, standard washing machines are typically the same height and width but the depth can vary a little.  This will be important if space is restricted or you have a shallow counter-top. 

2. Your new appliance will come with waste and inlet hoses around 1.5m in length, if the distance from your appliance to the inlet or outlet is longer, you may want to purchase a longer or extendable hoses which are available in our webshop

3. Check your mains supply is safe and within easy reach of your appliance

More information on limitations and requirements regarding our installation service can be found in our terms and conditions. 

Spare parts & Accessories
Spare parts & Accessories

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