Things to consider when having a hob installed

Last updated 08/07/2021 14:49

Applies to

Integrated Gas Hob

Integrated Electric Hob


A qualified installer will be required to fit a Gas or Electric hob

  • Your new appliance fits the cut out dimensions of your hobs recess
  • If moving from Gas to Electric, a mains supply is provided and has been checked by a qualified electrician and gas connections will need to be capped off by a certified gas engineer.
  • If changing from Gas or Electric to Induction, it is worthwhile checking that the power to your kitchen will not be affected by the introduction of an induction hob, Induction is a wonderful efficient technology but can draw a lot of electricity when using power boost programmes.  Insufficient power will result in limited functionality of the appliance.
  • Also if this is your first induction hob, the appliance may be deeper than your existing electric hob. If you have a shallow worktop, there will need to be space underneath the hob.
  • If your hob is being installed above a storage cupboard or drawers, a protection panel must be fitted to protect whats below from any heat that is generated by the hob.  This panel needs to be easy to remove for future troubleshooting and repairs.

More information on limitations and requirements regarding our installation service can be found in our terms and conditions. 

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