Downdraft Extractor will not Retract - Stays Up

Last updated 02/04/2020 15:24


Downdraft extractor will not retract down from the raised position when pressing the standy button, it remains up and turns off.

Applies to

Downdraft kitchen extractors that rise under power from the kitchen worktop, resembling this image:


The standy button/sensor (button `A`) has two possible functions when the extractor is in the raised position.

Touch button `A` only briefly and immediately release to de-activate the control panel and motor but remain raised.

Touch button `A` for at least 3 seconds to retract the extractor to the home position and turn it off.

If mistakenly de-activated in raised position instead of lowered, simply press again and hold for at least 3 seconds to lower.

If unable to retract after selection error, simply disconnect from mains electricity and reconnect after 10 seconds - appliance will retract.

Disconnection from and reconnection to mains electricity can be done via the electrical supply switch or plug.


Pressing the standby button (button `A`) too briefly instead of applying light pressure for at least 3 seconds.