Hood displays error message C or F

Last updated 09/01/2023 12:41


  • The hood displays message C or F

Applies to

  • Cooker Hood


The letter F indicates that the metal grease filters should be cleaned.

After 100 hours of operation, the LED lights up continuously to indicate the saturation of the metal grease filters. 

If C appears in the display, the activated carbon filter should be cleaned or changed depending on the model.

After 200 hours of operation, the LED flashes to indicate the saturation of the activated charcoal filters.

Refer to the article: Cleaning / replacing the hood's filter

Control panel

H (on the diagram above) performs a reset of the Filter Saturation Alarm once filters have been maintained. 

Press for approximately 2-3 seconds while the cooker hood is turned off. 

Alternative control panel

Activating and deactivating the filter notification:

Filter alarm reminds to change or clean the charcoal filter and clean the grease filter

The filter indicator  is lit up in white for 30 seconds if the grease filter must be cleaned. 

The filter indicator  flashes white for 30 seconds if the charcoal filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.

1. Switch on the control panel.

2. Make sure that the icons are turned off.

3. To activate or deactivate the charcoal filter notification touch  for 3 seconds.

If the charcoal filter notification is activated  flashes white five times.

If the charcoal filter notification is deactivated flashes white three times.

To reset the alarm: Touch the filter icon  for 3 seconds.

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