How to decrease the noise level of your AEG cooker hood with the Silentium Kit

Last updated 08/03/2024 13:20

A Silentium Kit module installed above an AEG cooker hood to reduce the noise level

The Silentium Kit significantly reduces the noise level of selected AEG cooker hoods working in filtering mode. As your cooker hood filters and recirculates clean air into your kitchen, you may notice the fan at work. With the Silentium Kit, you can effectively minimise noise levels, creating a quieter kitchen environment.

Choose between two dimensions, with a height of either 70 mm or 280 mm. You can combine multiple kits to reduce the noise level further. 

Three different models of the Silentium Kit placed next to each other

The Silentium Kit is sold separately from cooker hoods. It’s currently available for recirculation mode and can be installed on selected AEG cooker hoods. Note that the Silentium Kit is not intended for use with an extraction fan.

What you'll need

  • Round rigid pipe D150 mm (to be purchased separately). 

How to install the Silentium Kit 

1. Place the Silentium Kit directly on the motor air outlet of the hood.

2. If you want to add an additional Silentium Kit module, place it directly on top of the previous one, making sure that the hooks are fixed to each other.

3. Connect the Silentium Kit to the top of the kitchen cabinet with a round rigid pipe (D150 mm).

4. For safety, install the no-intrusion grid included in the cooker hood package. This ensures that no objects can enter the tube and damage the motor.

5. Fix the no-intrusion grid to the kitchen cabinet with the screws.

Check the user manual for more information about your specific cooker hood model. 

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