How to use the AEG Hob²Hood® function

Last updated 20/05/2024 05:17

Cooker hood with Hob2Hood function in use in kitchen

The Hob²Hood® function wirelessly connects your AEG hob and cooker hood. The hood’s fan speed is regulated based on the mode setting and temperature of the hottest cookware on the hob. 

The Hob²Hood® function is available on selected AEG hobs and cooker hoods. Both products need to have the function in order for it to work.  

Using Hob²Hood®

1. Turn on your hob 
2. Press 

When you’re cooking on the hob, the hood will react and turn on the hood light and fan. The default automatic mode has the light on, low fan speed when boiling and medium fan speed when frying.

If the fan speed doesn’t match your needs during a cooking session, you can either adjust it on the hob or directly on the hood. If you adjust the fan speed on the hood, the Hob2Hood® function will be temporarily turned off. The next time you turn on your hob, Hob2Hood® will be in use again.  

If you prefer not to use Hob²Hood® at all, you can turn off the function by pressing the Hob²Hood® symbol on your hob when it is turned on.

Available modes

The default mode is H5, but there are also other modes to choose from. For example, if you prefer more powerful extraction when boiling and frying, select mode H6. If you prefer low fan speed, select mode H4. Or, if you want the light to switch on automatically but prefer to set the fan speed yourself, select mode H2. 

See the settings for each available mode in the table below. 

Automatic lightBoiling¹⁾Frying²⁾
Mode H0OffOffOff
Mode H1OnOffOff
Mode H2³⁾OnFan speed 1Fan speed 1
Mode H3OnOffFan speed 1
Mode H4OnFan speed 1Fan speed 1
Mode H4OnFan speed 1Fan speed 1
Mode H5OnFan speed 1Fan speed 2
 Mode H6On Fan speed 2Fan speed 3

Changing the mode

Change the default mode by following these steps:  

1. Turn off the hob 
2. Press  for 3 seconds. The display comes on and goes off
3. Press  for 3 seconds
4. Press  until  comes on
5. Press  on the Timer to select an automatic mode


  • Protect the hood panel from direct sunlight 
  • Do not direct halogen light onto the hood panel
  • Do not cover the hob control panel 
  • Do not interrupt the signal between the hob and the hood (e.g. with the hand, a cookware handle or a tall pot) 

For more information about your specific cooker hood model, check the user manual.  

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