The cooker hood is dripping water

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  • Why is my cooker hood dripping water?
  • Water condenses and drips from the hood

Applies to

  • Cooker hoods


Main reasons why condensation is dripping from the cooker hood:

  • Condensation occurs when vapour changes from gas to liquid due to a sudden temperature drop, occurring when steam comes into contact with a cold surface 
  • Condensation is determined by the temperature difference between hot cooking fumes and the cold surfaces of the hood rather than by the suction capacity of the hood 
  • Condensation in cooker hoods is more common with induction hobs than gas hobs. This is because induction hobs only heat the cooking pot and its contents, not the surrounding air. Gas hobs heat the surrounding air, which in turn heats up the duct, preventing the formation of condensation 

To prevent/reduce condensation and water dripping from the cooker hood, follow these recommendations: 

  • If the cooker hood is in recirculation mode, no air can escape through ducting and fresh air flow is reduced. Open the window to let fresh air in 
  • When cooking with a lot of liquids, cover pots with lids and lower the heat on the hob. This reduces condensation and saves energy 
  • Use a range hood with the largest filter area possible 
  • Change the diameter of the outlet pipe to 150 mm. If the diameter is less than 150 mm, this can reduce suction and result in the build-up of condensation. Where possible, ensure the pipe is installed without bends or curves 
  • Choose a hood large enough to cover the entire cooktop. See the diagrams below

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