How to clean AEG induction or ceramic / radiant hob? (video)

Last updated 19/04/2022 06:07


  • How to clean AEG induction or radiant hob

Applies to

  • Induction hob
  • Electric (radiant) hob


1. Turn off the power.

2. Remove immediately: melted plastic, plastic foil, sugar and food with sugar, otherwise, the dirt can cause damage to the hob.

Use a special hob scraper (available on our Webshop) on the glass surface at an acute angle and move the blade on the surface.

3. Clean hob with Vitro Care Hob Cleaner (available on our Webshop).

4. Wipe the hob dry with a soft cloth.

5.  If your hob has controller knobs that come off, allow them to soak in a bowl of white vinegar. (If you can't remove the knobs, spray them thoroughly with the solution.)

If you find you accidentally turn the hob on while cleaning (on a ceramic hob this could mean that a zone is activated and starts to heat up), a useful tip is to activate the child lock before cleaning.

For more information refer to the user manual supplied with your appliance. 

Download user manual.

Instructional video

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