How to use the child lock and lock function on your AEG induction hob

Last updated 20/11/2023 11:49

Cleaning an induction hob while using the child lock and lock function

Use the lock functions on your AEG induction hob to prevent accidental operation of the hob while cooking or cleaning it. 

How to use the lock function 

Turn on the lock function when cleaning the hob to prevent you from accidentally turning on the cooking zones. You can use the lock function when your hob is turned on or off. It doesn’t affect the timer function.  

Lock: Press

Unlock: Press  again

How to use the child lock function

Turn on the child lock function to lock the control panel when not using the hob. When you’re cooking, you can temporarily turn it off – it will remain active even after you turn off the hob, so you don’t have to lock it again after each use. 

Turn on child lock:  

Press and hold  until the indicator above the lock symbol appears. On some models, an “L” will also appear.

Cook with child lock:

1. Press .

2. Press and hold  for up to 4 seconds until the lock indicator disappears.  

3. Start cooking by selecting a heat level on one or multiple zones. 
4. As you turn off the hob by pressing , the child lock activates.

Turn off child lock:  

1. Press .
2. Press and hold  for up to 4 seconds until the lock indicator(s) disappears. 
3. Press  to turn of the hob.

For more information about your specific induction hob model, check the user manual.

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