Symbols and functions on your AEG induction hob

Last updated 19/09/2023 09:00

Cooking on an AEG induction hob with various functions

Your AEG induction hob is equipped with many useful functions. Different AEG induction hobs may come with varying functions, and the symbols and names of these may differ across models.  

Basic functions

Provides extra power to the selected zone, delivering a quick burst of heat. Makes water boil almost instantly. 

How to use it 
1. Select the desired cooking zone 
2. Press symbol to turn on  
3. To turn off, manually select the zone again and change the heat level 

Because of its speed and power, be careful when using oil and don’t leave the pan unattended. 
Pauses all active zones. They are automatically set to the lowest heat level. The previously set heat levels will resume when turning off the pause function. 

How to use it  
1. Press symbol to turn on
2. Press symbol again to turn off

Good to know  
  • Running timer functions will remain turned on
  • Other functions on the control panel will not be possible to turn on 
  • This function can’t be used when certain other functions are running, e.g., Assisted Cooking or Sous Vide 
Lock / Child Lock  
Locks the control panel, preventing unintentional operation of the hob while cooking or cleaning it. 

Learn how to use the lock function and child lock.  

Timer functions

or orTimer, count-down 
Set the cooking duration for a specific zone. The hob will beep when the time has passed, and the zone will automatically turn off.  

How to use it 
1. Set the heat setting for the zone
2. Press symbol to turn on
3. Press either + and – or slide the controls on the digital screen to set the length of desired cooking time 

Good to know  
Depending on your specific model, you may find individual timers next to each zone. The steps to use these timers are the same as above.  
or orEco Timer
Set the cooking duration for a specific zone. The zone will automatically turn off before the countdown timer completes. Leftover heat will continue to cook your dish, saving energy. 

Check the user manual to learn how to use the timer on your model.
Timer, count-up 
Monitor how long you have been cooking. 

Check the user manual to learn how to use the timer on your model.  
 or Minute Minder 
Standalone timer, not connected to any zone 

How to use it  
1. Press symbol to turn on 
2. Press + and – to set the number of minutes

Cooking zones functions 

Bridge function 
Combines two zones to accommodate larger cookware. The bridged zone shares the same temperature and time settings when turned on. 

How to use it   
1. Press symbol to turn on   
2. Set the heat level  
3. Press symbol again to turn off  

Good to know 
The cookware must cover the centres of both zones and should only extend within the marked area. 

Adapts your induction hob's left area into two medium-sized zones, a small and a large, or one extra-large. 
Learn how to use the FlexiBridge function.  


Move cookware between three pre-set temperature areas to quickly switch between different heat levels.  
How to use it
1. Press symbol to turn on 
2. Place the cookware in the front, middle or rear position. The front zone has the highest heat setting. For a lower heat setting, move the cookware to middle or rear position 
3. Press symbol to turn off 

Good to know
The pre-set temperatures can be adjusted following the instructions in the user manual.  

Automatically detects different shapes and sizes of cookware, creating a dedicated cooking area. Ideal when using various cookware types. 

Learn how to use the TotalFlex cooking zones.

XL Zone  
Cook with larger cookware and even paella dishes on this extra-large zone. The heating area will automatically adjust to match the size of your cookware. 

Sensor functions 

or   SenseBoil®, integrated boiling sensor 
Detects when the water reaches its boiling point and automatically adjusts the temperature to reduce it to a simmer. 

Learn how to use the SenseBoil® function. 


SenseFry, integrated frying sensor 
Controls and regulates an even temperature across the hob's surface and the cookware.   

Learn how to use the SenseFry® frying sensor. 
SensePro®, standalone food sensor 
Measures the core temperature of food and liquids, allowing you to boil, fry, and sous-vide at precise temperatures. 

Learn how to use the SensePro® food sensor. 

Other functions 

 or  Hob2Hood®
Wirelessly links your hob to your hood via an infrared signal. When you start cooking, the hood automatically adjusts the settings, providing the best extraction based on the power selected on the hob.  

Heat Memory 
The hob retains the settings for 120 seconds if you need to remove your cookware temporarily. No need to reconfigure the settings when you resume cooking. 

For more information about your specific induction hob model, check the user manual. 

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