The ignition on my gas hob keeps sparking

Last updated 22/02/2023 10:40


  • The ignition of my gas hob keeps sparking during cooking
  • All the burners on my hob ignite when I press one button
  • Stuck ignition or clicking noise on the gas hob
  • The spark ignition of my gas hob keeps ticking/clicking
  • Electric spark ignition gives a short circuit after water boils over
  • Why is my gas hob sparking constantly?

Applies to

  • Gas hobs
  • Gas cookers


When any button on the gas hob is pressed, all the burners will spark. When the button is released when the burner is lit, the sparking will stop. This is the normal operation of a gas hob

If the spark ignition remains active after releasing the button, check the following:

  • Check whether the hob has become wet due to water boiling over. Remove the plug from the socket or switch off the group in the fuse box to which the gas hob is connected and dry the plate as much as possible and check whether the sparking has stopped after the group has been switched on again or the plug has been placed in the socket.
  • Check that the knob has not been accidentally left pressed by removing the knob from the hob and removing the rubber seal as instructed in the user manual.
    knob cleaning
  • Clean the rubber mounted under the button with a damp cloth. Due to the use of oil and fats during cooking, the rubbers can become greasy, causing the knob to stick to the rubber.
  • Replace the rubber seal, replace the knob, and check that the ignition returns to normal operation.

If the issue persists, please contact our Customer Care Team.

If the hob continues to tick, the plug can be removed from the socket and the hob can be used by igniting the burners with a match or table lighter. In this case approach the burner with a flame, turn the control knob counter-clockwise to the maximum gas supply position and push it down. Keep the control knob pushed for equal or less than 10 seconds to let the thermocouple warm up.

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