TotalFlex Hob will not detect pans and cookware

Last updated 16/01/2023 13:28


  • TotalFlex hob will not detect cookware that has been placed on it

Applies to

  • 8000 TotalFlex Induction Hob


 The TotalFlex allows total freedom when cooking on your induction, you can place the pan in a number of different zones

Switch on your hob using thebutton.

Place an induction-friendly pan in any spot, please allow roughly one second for the hob to recognise where the pan has been placed. The relevant control panel will light up, the hob can now be used.

If you place a large pan (eg, a griddle) over two zones, the hob will automatically bridge these zones and two control panels will light up.

If your hob is not detecting the pan, please ensure that:

  • The pan is induction friendly.
  • The bottom of the cookware must be as thick and flat as possible.
  • Ensure pan bases are clean and dry before placing them on the hob surface.
  • The pan does not cover more than two zones.
  • Oval-shaped cookware that covers two zones should be placed on vertical or horizontal Bridge combinations.
  • You haven't chosen a heat setting within 10 seconds of placing the pan on the hob. This will cause the hob to switch off.


Below is a guide on the zones and how they work with each other

Below are examples of correct pan placement for different sizes

Cookware with a diameter between 100 mm and 160 mm) can cover one triangle.

Cookware with a bottom diameter between 160 mm and 210 mm should cover two triangles.

Cookware with a diameter between 240 mm and 350 mm should be placed over 4 triangles.

Large oval cookware should be placed over horizontal or vertical bridges.

Below are some examples are incorrect placement

This pan should be placed directly over four triangles

Bridging does not work over 3 zones

These smaller pans should be placed on just one triangle.

If the issue persists, you will need to book a call with an Authorised Engineer. You can do that via the 'Book a Service' link on this page. 

If your cookware is incorrect you can purchase the following induction cookware at our AEG shop:

Plancha Grill

Fusion Wok

Cookware Set

Gourmet Collection Stock Pot

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