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Getting started with your AEG TotalFlex zoneless induction hob is as easy and intuitive as the hob itself. Below are some of the key features and their functions. You will also find cleaning tips and how to achieve greater sustainability and energy efficiency in your kitchen while cooking.


Responsive to touch, TotalFlex offers unrestricted flexibility, full control and a fluid cooking experience on your zoneless induction hob. Once turned on, you can place pans anywhere on the surface, and it will detect and respond to your movement for the best induction power. Regardless of your pot or pan size – from large paella to long fish kettles – there is a comfortable place for it on the hob without disrupting the cooking process.


The best induction hobs are intuitive. You simply turn on your hob and place a pan anywhere, and it will automatically light up, showing which cooking zones are in use. Once selected, you will see the temperature and power levels in red, and the rest remain white. Backlit LED lights indicate where cookware is positioned, providing complete control and flexibility when you cook.


The Bridge Function lets you combine two cooking zones into one large cooking zone. Perfect for planchas or rectangular roasting pots. When you place a metal pan or pot on the glass induction hob, the hob will detect that the pan is covering two heat zones. The bridge icon will automatically appear. Tap it once to combine the heat zones so that you can use one controller to adjust the power level and time of the dish. 

If, for some reason, the bridge icon does not appear, choose the cooking mode manually. These modes include: Centre, Vertical, Horizontal and Standard cooking zone. Cooking zone indicators will change automatically to show the possible combinations, regardless of the pan size. 

Whatever your cooking configuration, or power levels, it’s important to keep all pots and pans on the surface without covering the user interface with hot cookware.


You can take several steps with your zoneless induction hob to achieve greater sustainability during the cooking process. With the smart, efficient Eco Timer, choose the length of cooking time you require and your hob will deactivate early, using residual heat and power levels to ensure your dish is finished correctly. This function is a great way to save energy while being efficient.

Another important and easy tip for better sustainability is using a lid while boiling or frying. This allows you to heat more quickly or use the residual heat.


Another feature of the zoneless induction hob that proves safer in the kitchen than a gas hob is the child lock. The child lock gives you control over heat exposure from the ceramic surface or any unwanted use of the induction hob itself.


It’s easy to clean your zoneless induction hob and keep it functioning at its best. Start by cleaning the surface after each use and ensure that your cookware has a clean base. For everyday spills on the hob surface, simply place a wet cloth over the stain to soften the dried food or liquid and finish with a ceramic glass cream cleaner. When using a cleaner, avoid products with abrasive chemicals or high acidity, which will deface the black surface. It's fine to use a razor blade on your hob. Just make sure it's clean and sharp.

Remove immediately from the surface: melted plastic, plastic foil, sugar or food with sugar.

Remove when the hob is cool: limescale rings, water rings or fat stains with a moist cloth and non-abrasive ceramic glass cream cleaner. Shiny metallic discoloration can be removed from the black surface with a solution of water and vinegar and a soft cloth.


The "P" symbol on your hob refers to the PowerBoost feature. Much faster than gas, this feature gives you full control over your induction hob, providing a quick burst of heat, letting you boil water almost instantly. It's perfect for tasks like boiling potatoes and other quick-cooking jobs too, like searing meat. Because of its speed and power, it’s important to be careful when using oil and not leave the pan unattended.

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